About us

Our company, founded in 2000, is located in the industrial city of Galati (no. 210 Basarabiei Street), on the road next to the border with Moldova (8 km) and Ukraine, at a distance of 1.5 km of sea-river ports and docks New Basin, having in property:

  • Production and storage facilities of 5,000 square meters, with direct access to rail lines, both European and CIS type;
  • An area of 1000 square meters of fully equipped office;
  • 10.000 square feet concrete platform;
  • Ailway station for unloading / loading the line type CIS (1000 tons daily capacity) with possibilities of border customs clearance, container terminal and rail access and auto;
  • All the logistics needed for import-export four borders with CSI: Diacovo - Halmeu, Vad's Siren - Dornesti, Ungheni - Cristesti Jijia, Reni - Galati;
  • National distribution of fertilizer, steel products, food products;
  • Performance equipment for loading /unloading and transport.


Our company owns exclusivity in the sale of our equipment manufactured by our Belarus partners for six countries in Central and Southeastern Europe.

Our Agricultural Machines Department of our company was structured on three levels:

  • Sales, consulting and financial support by associated leasing companies;
  • Service, maintenance, advice and technical support during warranty and post warranty;
  • Interventions

Our specialists, constantly trained by the manufacturer, advises clients on the efficient use of equipment, maintaining their optimal parameters, having as a direct consequence, the considerable decrease in production costs per hectare.

Considering the price and quality, we are confident that our products comply with famous saying: "The Best That Money CAN buy".


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